Alex Cattoni – Copy Posse Launch Files 2022

Online course: Alex Cattoni – Copy Posse Launch Files 2022


What You Get:

Week 1: How to OWN Your Niche & Build An Irresistible Portfolio

The key to being a successful copywriter is to determine your area of specialty — a niche you can OWN in true Copy Posse style. In this module, you’ll identify the kind of product or business that you want to write for and discover the #1 messaging secret to make it sell like HOT cakes. (HINT: Every product is different and this simple exercise will make sure you start right and STAND OUT). In this module, we’ll also map out the copy key assets that will become the foundation of your complete copywriter’s portfolio.

Week 2: How To REEL In Your Customers & PSYCHE Out Your Competition

One of the BIGGEST mistakes a copywriter can make is to NOT get into the minds of their customers as soon as humanly possible. In this module, I’ll walk you through some of the key psychological triggers and methods for attracting the RIGHT customers with your copy, and keep them coming back for more. This module will help you get crystal clear on the messaging for your target audience to totally psyche out (and out sell) your competition. Sorry, not sorry!

Week 3: How To SELL With Storytelling

Storytelling is at the core of killer copywriting. It creates believability, trust and authority, and is the most authentic way to get your customers to take action! Stories evoke ALL your audience’s senses and emotions in a way that no other form of communication can. When you learn the RIGHT WAY to sell with story, your copy practically writes itself. In this module, you’ll learn EIGHT proven storytelling formulas you can use in your messaging and create your very own story structures for your portfolio pieces.

Week 4: How To Write HOT Headlines & Hooks

No matter our product, service or niche, we are ALL in the attention and retention business. So, arguably, the most important skill in copywriting is creating show-stopping headlines and hooks. While bite-sized, these punchy phrases can be the difference between copy that converts, and copy that flops. So In this module, you’ll learn how to hook and hold your customers’ attention with nothing but powerful and precise wording. As I like to say, the right phrase PAYS!

Week 5: How To Write A High-Converting er

When writing a sales page, there are 10 conversion triggers that you must include in your copy to build trust, create authority and boost conversions. I created this coveted 10-Point er Map to use exclusively with my private clients, partners, and mastermind members. Everyone else has to pay $500 to get access to this. Not you though — because as a member of the Copy Posse Launch Files, I’ll give it to you, along with everything else you need to write a seriously high-converting er using these 10 proven secrets.

Week 6: Writing The Page That Will Get You PAID!

Now that you’ve got a killer story, headline, hook and er — it’s time for you to put all the pieces together and write your sales page! A sales page is the central piece of copy in any marketing campaign. It’s the money page – the conversion point where your customers make the decision to buy or fly. Writing a sales page is a dream gig for any copywriter. It’s what your clients will pay the most for and, therefore, is the most powerful asset you can have in your portfolio!

Week 7: Ads + Landing Page – The One-Two Punch To Perfect Your Portfolio

A marketing campaign is incomplete without the front-end copy pieces that’ll take your prospects from first click to final conversion. In this module, we’ll round-out your funnel as you write the perfect ad + landing page combo for your newly-minted sales page – the one-two punch to perfect your portfolio. You’ll learn the fail-proof frameworks for ads and landing pages that convert, as well as the single most important element that SO many copywriters and entrepreneurs forget when creating ad campaigns.

Week 8: Automating Sales With Personalized & Persuasive Emails

Email Marketing is still one of the most important strategies today to grow a loyal customer base, build trust with your audience and create automated conversions after-the-fact. In this module, you’ll learn how to write a personalized and persuasive email campaign that’ll turn new leads and into raving fans. Ahhh yes, the final piece to your portfolio that will have your clients and customers falling in love with you.

Grand Finale: Putting Together Your Posse-Approved Portfolio

Woo hoo!! It’s time to IGNITE your copywriting business. Now that you’ve completed all the key copy assets to include in your portfolio, it’s time to put it all together. In this module, I’ll guide you through my essential tips on how to put together your portfolio and package your service in a way that will be irresistible to new clients. We’ll celebrate in style as we close out the Copy Posse Launch Files and get you making that money, hunni!

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Alex Cattoni, Copy Posse Launch Files 2022

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