Alexandra Danieli – Selling for Projectors

Full Course: Alexandra Danieli – Selling for Projectors


What You Get:


Module 1:
Pure, authentic selling – creating the foundation

Module 2:
Learning how to sell through guiding

Module 3:
Choosing who you want to work with and how to talk to them

Module 4:
Creating your umbrella outcome so clients want what you have

Module 5:
Getting behind your offer and becoming a safe space for money

Module 6:
Your Human Design: amplify the natural gifts in your chart



Selling for Projectors Isn’t Pushing. It’s Magnetic Pull.

Endless sales strategies, calls and funnels? Sure, you can try, and I have too.

But they won’t work until you build the foundation you’re learning here.

When you activate your genuine magnetic energy… that’s the gold.

That’s what will get you paid and create stability and predictability in your income again and again.

Forget rehearsed pitches.

Here, you learn about using your authenticity to make money and sign new clients over and over again, when YOU want them.



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