Brendan Elias – A to Z Formula

Online course: Brendan Elias – A to Z Formula


What You Get:

Amazon Success Accelerator Program

Step-by-step video instructions designed so that everyone can follow it, regardless of their previous experience or qualifications, yet powerful enough that anyone can use the knowledge to set up a potentially profitable business, with consistent action.

“Product Sourcing Made Easy” 2-Day Workshop

The world’s premier event on product sourcing and selling on Amazon and beyond. Two days jam-packed with THE BEST and most practical information to kickstart your eCommerce success.

Little Blackbook Of Trusted Suppliers

I’ll give my FULL list of vetted suppliers to you! Saving you tons of money, time, and headaches. Suppliers can literally make or break your business, so this info is priceless!


Product Validation Session

We won’t let you “mess up!” Choosing your first product can feel daunting, which is why we’ll do it with you, so you feel confident during the process! You will create a product shortlist with our process… And a coach will personally review it and help you select “The One” to start with.

“Pro Seller Kickstart” Workshop

We’ll help you “go through the motions” within the first 7 days! Set up an importer account, get quotes from manufacturers, and have your first samples underway.

Profit Max. & Launch Masterclasses

Doing a “product launch” is a great way to get reviews fast, climb up Amazon’s rankings, and set yourself for ongoing organic sales… We’ll show you how to it! As well as how to maximize margins and profits with a few insider’s strategies.

Million-Dollar Case Studies

We’re honored to have 7-figure entrepreneurs in our network and three of them break down their business, strategies, and tactics to hopefully open your eyes, give you missing pieces in your business, and inspire you to potentially do the same!

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Brendan Elias, A to Z Formula

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