Chase Dimond – Ecommerce Email Marketing Course

Full Course: Chase Dimond – Ecommerce Email Marketing Course





Course Intro

My Background (Optional)

Course Intro + Outline

Email Revenue Benchmark

Klaviyo Account Setup

Klaviyo Account Setup

Campaigns vs. Flows

Flow Naming Convention

Email Collection

Integrate Signup Forms

How To Build A Basic Signup Form

Build A High Converting Form 

Core Email Flows (Pre Purchase)

Welcome Series for Non Buyers 

Auto Resend Welcome Email 1 

Welcome Series for Non Buyers 

Overview of The 4 Abandoned Flows

How to Setup the Active on Site 

How to Setup the Added to Cart Metric

Site Abandonment

Browse Abandonment

Abandoned Cart Flow

Abandoned Checkout Part 1

Abandoned Checkout Part 2

Back in Stock

Core Email Flows (Post Purchase)

Standard – Customer Thank You

Unique – Customer Thank You 

Cross-sell / Upsell (as a campaign)

Cross-sell / Upsell (as a flow)

Replenishment Reminder

Customer Winback

Sunset Unengaged (aka break up series)

Core Campaigns

Campaigns Overview

The Best Seller Campaign

The Free Product With Purchase Campaign

The Referral Campaign

The Blog/Content Campaign

The Giveaway Campaign

The Flash Sale Campaign

The Product Launch Campaigns

The Collection Launch Campaigns

The Expert Campaign

The Buy Now, Pay Later Campaign

The Preorder Campaign

The Holiday Campaign



Key Segments For BFCM

6 Core Segments

Best Practices + Helpful Tips

How to Run A Flow Time Delay Test

How To Integrate An Email Countdown

How To Resend A Campaign To Non Openers

How To Enrich Contact Profiles

How To Run An A/B Test in Klaviyo

How To Turn An Email Mockup

Underground Email Tactics & Experiments

Snooze Button 

Prompt People

Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion

Bonus Videos

There’s More to Email 

5 Steps to Developing Brand Awarenes

A Real Ecom Brand Email Breakdown

AI and The Future of Email Marketing

Effective Email & SMS Leveraging 

Mastering All Things Deliverability

Training Call – 3/2/2021

Training Call – 10/9/2020

My Presentation at IMCX

Training Call – 12/14/2020

Training Call – 1/19/2021

Bonus Documents

16 Lessons

Alex In My Inbox Archive

23 Lessons



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