Clare Le Roy – SketchUp Beginner + Intermediate Course Bundle

Full Course: Clare Le Roy – SketchUp Beginner + Intermediate Course Bundle

What You Get:


✅  SketchUp is professional software used by widely by design and architecture studios worldwide.

✅  Improves the professionalism of your work with clients.

✅  Streamline your design process (by using one piece of software across your complete design workflow).

✅  Easy to learn.

✅  Less expensive than other popular design software in the industry.

✅  Integrates with other software (e.g. rendering plugins like Enscape or VRay).

✅  Future proof your design skills and be more competitive in the industry.

✅  Perfect for professionals in interior design, interior decoration, architecture, construction, cabinet making and other fields that involve design and planning. Also great for home renovators or remodelers who want to model their own home projects.


What’s included in the SketchUp course bundle:

➡️ SketchUp for Interior Design (Beginners Course) – where you learn how to master SketchUp and create 3D designs of your project.

➡️ SketchUp for Interior Design (Intermediate Course) – where you learn how to master Layout and create 2D scaled drawings for your trades/contractors and clients.

➡️ Completely up to date for the latest version of SketchUp + Layout 🥳

➡️ Access to our fun and supportive SketchUp community where you can get 24/7 answers to your specific questions as you learn.

➡️ Workbooks, SketchUp practice files, step-by-step process PDFs and heaps more resources to support your learning.

➡️ 1:1 email support from our team if and when you need it.

➡️ Lifetime access to the courses – they are completely self paced and you can take it at the pace that suits you and your lifestyle.

➡️ Start today or wait until you are ready.

➡️ Other fun surprises along the way!


Plus you get these bonuses: 


💥  Free access to: The Renovation Project Tracker

💥  Free access to: The Space Planning and Measurements Cheat Sheet

💥  Bonus Training: how to measure your home.

💥  Bonus Training: basic landscape and garden design.

💥  Bonus Training: creating a fly through animation movie in SketchUp.

💥  Free Layout templates you can adapt and use yourself to create scaled design drawings.

💥  Learn my full work flow with design clients – from concept through to completed design documentation.

We’ve taught thousands of students SketchUp, so come and join us in our FUN and SUPPORTIVE community 🤗


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