Dan Edmund – Ecommerce Mastery Course 2.0

Online course: Dan Edmund – Ecommerce Mastery Course 2.0

What You Get:


You will learn ways to maximize your time so that you can put more focus into building your business. Nothing will change in your life unless you make changes. One of the first things that is needed to have a successful site is the right mindset. This includes thinking outside of just setting up a site and sending traffic to it. By changing your mindset, you truly start to understand how your customer thinks. Once you think like your customer, sales skyrocket.

Finding Your Winning Product

Inside this module, we go over where to find products and how to price them. This module also covers proven ways of verifying people actually want what you’re selling and making sure you have an audience for your product. It also covers way to strategically craft your er to increase your ROI and dominate your competitors, even Amazon.

Welcome to The Machine

This is where we go over the steps of setting up your domain/business name, email setup, creating images and logos to the tools we use to build it.

Building It

We teach you how to build your online store from scratch. This beginner-friendly step-by-step process covers everything from setting up your eCommerce platform, automations to other backend tools. Most of this module is me sharing my screen with you as I build a brand new website from scratch. You should have a LIVE website by the time you complete this module!

Architecting Your er

This module focus on all the ways to increase your average order value per customer. This involves building a sales funnel that includes an irresistible er (where the customer would be crazy to say no). Once the er is built, we then put a focus on increasing the lifetime value with order bumps, one time ers and subscriptions. This module also covers how to beat your competitors, even Amazon.

Email Marketing

Email can be one of the most valuable assets your business owns, but only if it’s done correct. In this module, we show you how to CORRECTLY implement a rock-solid email plan that includes full-automation templates that you can copy and paste.


It’s time to bring traffic to your site. We layout all the different campaigns to run from social media including Facebook, Instagram (TikTok coming soon), Google, email and more.


Automations can easily make up to 25% or more of your store revenue and the best part is, it runs 24/7 automatically after it’s setup.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing easily has one of the highest open rates and if done correctly, can bring serious revenue.

Advanced Traffic

We teach you how to advertise even bigger with major platforms including Google, Facebook, TikTok (coming soon) etc. We are always adding more areas to advertise as well once we prove a method with our own ecommerce stores.

Scaling and Operations

We cover ways to operate and scale your business from internal operations, shipping and more. You did it – time for your victory lap!

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Dan Edmund, Ecommerce Mastery Course 2.0

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