Doug O’Brien – Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program

Full Course: Doug O’Brien – Sleight of Mouth Group Study Program

What You Get:

  • Sleight of Mouth Tips Archive

  • Pre-recorded Online Sleight of Mouth Class

  • Pre-recorded 2 day Sleight of Mouth Training from a live class in New York

  • Sleight of Mouth MP3 (audios) and Workbook


What Will Sleight of Mouth Do For Me?

Part of the power of Sleight of Mouth is that it gives you more choices and flexibility of possible responses. You will never be at a loss for something to say. And with 14 different possible responses, odds are good what you’ll have to say will be very good indeed.

 Welcome to the closed-door world of high impact coaching and persuasion that is never taught publicly.

The few who have mastered these techniques no longer hear the word “No” in their day-to-day lives. All they hear is the word “yes.”

And the coaches who master these skills have the ability to get any client to see there problem from new perspectives and make meaningfull changes.

These language patterns are the secret persuasion tactic behind the world’s lawyers, politicians, sales people and coaches.

When you sign up you’ll get:


Monthly Sleight of Mouth Tips Archive

QUICK tips to help you maximize your
Sleight of Mouth skills.


Online Sleight of Mouth Class

Video recordings of my most recent Sleight of Mouth class showing you how to use every pattern.


Sleight of Mouth Live from New York

Pre-recorded 2-day Sleight of Mouth workshop teaching all the patterns including visual and physical anchoring techniques AND 2 hypnosis sessions to deepen your learning.


Sleight of Mouth MP3s & Workbook (MP3 Download)

A studio-recorded audio version with 29 tracks and a pdf workbook so you can learn on-to-go.


eBOOK: The User’s Guide to Sleight of Mouth

The complete book on how to effectively use Sleight of Mouth for maximal influence when you need it the most.


Doug O’Brien

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