How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days – Eric Worre

Recruiting is The Most Important Skill You Must Master in Network Marketing


Download: How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days

How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days – Eric Worre

Struggling to get in front of people and present your opportunity is one of the biggest obstacles most people in Network Marketing face. And it is also the most important one to overcome. With my step-by-step Master Class, you will present your opportunity to more prospects by learning how to recruit effectively, multiply & duplicate your efforts, and accelerate your success in the next 30 days!

Master How To:

  • Get in the recruiting mindset to recruit and talk to new people
  • Flood your appointment book with new opportunities
  • Tell your story and share your opportunity with prospects
  • Overcome objections and turn a No to a Yes
  • Find 2 new prospects a day
  • Lead new prospects down a successful path

How much would you earn over the next 12 months if you brought in 20 people in 30 days?


  • 9 Step-By-Step Video Courses that will give you the skills to recruit more people
  • Downloadable Workbook with Recruiting Scripts to guide you through the videos
  • Contact List Builder to help you grow your prospect list
  • Reusable Recruiting Calendar to keep track of your meetings and follow-ups

Over nine online video courses you will learn Eric Worre’s step-by-step system to recruit 20 people into your business in 30 days.

How To Recruit 20 People In 30 Days – Eric Worre

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