Esther M. Inman – 90 DAY VA

Online course: Esther M. Inman – 90 DAY VA



Module 1 Getting Started Right

We don’t care if you ever finish the course, only that you get a flex time job! That’s why this module sets you up for success planning your training, portfolio and kicking your VA journey with a BANG

Module 2 Launch Your Skills TODAY

Learn some marketable skills right away with email and calendar management tasks you can do for business owners today

Module 3 Content Repurpose Like a BOSS

Walk away knowing exactly what a business owner is looking for you to create for them and my best processes and workflows to maximize your productivity

Module 4 Repurpose -> BLOGS

Business owners are always neglecting their blogs but know how important they are- that’s where you come in! Learn how to take their content and turn it into a blog post that’ll blow them away!

Module 5 Social Media Superstar

Get the foundations of social platforms, scheduling and repurposing content into captions under your belt so every business owner will be hounding you to help them with their accounts!

Module 6 Instagram & TikTok

*Updated 2023 Now turn that content into Instagram stories, posts, reels and Tik Tok videos like the in demand VA you are!

Module 7 Get Paid to Pin!

Team VAI Pinterest Manager walks you through how to turn content you’ve created into drool worthy pins and how to upload, manage and schedule them for business owners too! Hosted by our Pinterest manager Alexis

Module 8 Podcast Assistant

You can literally skip everything else if you only want to er podcast skills to businesses because this comprehensive module will walk you through just that! Hosted by our COO Deya Aliaga

Module 9 Video Editing & YouTube

Every business owner knows they should be on video, but editing, creating the cover, uploading to Youtube, creating the captions, etc is a PAIN. But not when they have a VA that knows how 😉 Hosted by our teams COO Deya Aliaga

Module 10 Email Newsletter Writing & Scheduling

Email lists are a big deal. But writing newsletters and scheduling them is always at the bottom of a biz owners to do list. Now they can trust you to repurpose their content into a kick ass newsletter and ensure it gets sent to the right people at the right time

Module 11 WordPress Maintainance

We teamed up with WordPress Educator Julia Taylor to bring you the handful of admin tasks VAs are always asked to do so you can be ready, including how to post the awesome blog post you wrote in module 4!

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Esther M. Inman, 90 DAY VA

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