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Introducing A BRAND NEW Technology

The ONLY technology that allows you to AUTO UPDATE all your signatures, links and information across hundreds and thousands of emails and pages without you ever clicking edit.

Yes, that means you can have thousands of emails, membership areas and web pages updated with your links in minutes without you ever editing a single one of them!

The program I am going to share with you today is the ONLY system in the world that utilizes this BRAND NEW Technology.

With this NEW TECHNOLOGY, you can have EVERYTHING “automagically” updated with your links without you ever hitting edit.

This means you have the same business I used to create a $300,000+ per year business in record time.

Imagine how much more quickly you will be able to succeed when you don’t have anything to set up.

When you have every page, every lead magnet, every email and more already done for you and updated with your links.

How much time do you think that will save you?

Introducing Taylor Your Future:
MASSIVE Affiliate Blueprint

The MASSIVE Done For You System that gives you a fully functional business in minutes and shortcuts 6+ months of setup and tens of thousands of dollars in testing.

This brand new revolutionary technology and next generation affiliate marketing system transforms anyone into a high paying super affiliate with the most complete Done For You System and Traffic Hurricane Techniqueswithout months of setup.

We are talking about…

More than FORTY, proven, tested and trusted income streams

More than ONE YEAR of high-converting email follow up

TWELVE lead sucking capture pages

TWELVE tested and proven bridge pages
TWELVE high-quality lead magnets

A full WHITE LABEL Affiliate Marketing Course with TWENTY TWO videos
& HUNDREDS of buttons throughout the system

Updated with all of your links for all FORTY income streams..

Without you ever clicking edit on a single thing!

A system like this with all the automation, pages and emails would cost AT LEAST $50,000 to set up manually, and that is cheap!

And that is just the done for you part of the package…

What You Get:

FEATURE #1: 40+ DFY Proven & Tested High-Converting Affiliate ers.
FEATURE #2: 12 DFY Proven & Tested, High Converting Landing Pages
FEATURE #3: 12 DFY Proven & Tested, High Converting Bridge Pages
FEATURE #4: 365+ DFY Professionally Written, High-Converting Email Promotion Swipes
FEATURE #5: MASSIVE Traffic Secrets Package from TOP Traffic Experts
FEATURE #6: 365 Days Unlimited Brain Bank Email Access
FEATURE #7: 12 Monthly “ask them all” VIP coaching calls
FEATURE #8: Exclusive access to my 100+ traffic rolodex
FEATURE #9: Receive 100% Commissions on all of my high-converting products from $7 to $100 a pop.
FEATURE #10: $450 Per Sale for Every Sale You Make of DFY Massive Blueprint
FEATURE #11: 365 Days Unlimited Technical Assistance
FEATURE #12: Exclusive Monthly Private Affiliate contest
FEATURE #13: Full Access, VIP treatment to Taylor Your Future LIVE (VIRTUAL)
FEATURE #14: One Full Day Group Mastermind Session With James Neville-Taylor
FEATURE #15: Recordings for ALL monthly Masterclass Sessions, Q&A Sessions & Live Case Studies
FEATURE #16: White Label Affiliate Marketing Course
FEATURE #17: 12 Done or You Branded PDFs
FEATURE #18: Done or You Professionally Crafted Sales Page
FEATURE #19: 1 Click Download TYF: MAB System
FEATURE #20: Your Step By Step Blueprint to My 6-Figure Business

MASTERCLASS SESSION #1: The “Taylor Your Future” Massive Affiliate Blueprint 1.0…
MASTERCLASS SESSION #2: The “Finder Keeper” Techniques…
MASTERCLASS SESSION #3: The “13-Year Old” stupid simple secret…
MASTERCLASS SESSION #4: The “Taylor Your Future” secret to seduce your audience…
MASTERCLASS SESSION #5: The “Illuminati” techniques you must use…
MASTERCLASS SESSION #6: The “Go-All-In” Taylor ingredients you must apply…
MASTERCLASS SESSION #7: The “Traffic Hurricane” recipes I have been using…

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #1: The Super Simple Methods Erick Salgado Uses…
BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #2: The stealth marketing techniques that Matt Bacak Uses…
BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #3: Insider secrets to how Akbar Sheikh became a multi 7 figure coach…
BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #4: The “out of the box” secrets that Peter Wolfing uses…
BREAKTHROUGH SESSION #5: The Top-Secret Tactics Dave Sharpe Deployed…



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