Jason Fladlien – Murder The Objection

Online course: Jason Fladlien – Murder The Objection



  • The 10/80/10 market segmentation theory that 1) lets you scoop up immediate sales 2) helps you hone in on the right kind of potential customers and 3) steers you clear from time-wasters who are never going to buy anyway!

  • Eye-opening frame change that will remove your internal obstacles to successfully market and sell

  • Why even the best, most targeted audience will say no 99.8% of the time (if you don’t do this little thing I’ll show you on day 1)

  • The “Hot Model” type of close that can be either a huge blunder… or catapult your income into the next tax bracket! (Personally, I love paying more in taxes… because it means I made more money!)

  • Why price is never the biggest objection – even though every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks it is. You’ll discover

  • juicy tactics to dissipate the price objection – sometimes even without talking about it!

  • The “Michelangelo’s David” approach to eliminating nearly impossible-to-overcome objections – with this, you’ll be able to

  • sell saunas in the desert and iced lemonade in the Arctic

  • How to get 53 people to pay you $10,000 each on an experiment – without a fancy funnel, a slick salespage, or a polished webinar!

  • Most will “paint by the numbers” when telling their story… Usually it’s a variation of a “hero’s arc”. Surprisingly, that’s one of the least effective ways of doing it! Here’s what you do instead…
  • The one type of buyer you need to have in mind when developing your strategy (you might be losing a huge chunk of sales if you ignore this!)
  • How to solve the traffic problem – an approach that nobody wants me to teach! Yet, if you do this, any traffic effort will suddenly yield 10x, 20x or more
  • How to stack your bonuses – what comes first, what comes last? There’s a certain sequence that I’ve found that works best and you can copy it directly – plus, I’m also going to show you when it makes sense to deviate from it!

  • The advice I gave to Russel Brunson that I believe changed the trajectory of his business (might change yours, too!)

  • How to sell almost anything to anyone (all day long, no less!) – and all it requires is a tiny shift in the environment of selling. You can engineer that in minutes, completely ethically if you follow the formula I’m going to give you

  • One thing that will immediately create a disconnect between you and your audience (and guess what, sometimes it makes sense doing it!)

  • How to get a more complete dataset of your audience’s emotions and needs than any of your competitors

PLUS: A Huge Digital Binder Of Sales Materials & Practical Examples:

Email Swipes

Webinar Scripts

Presentation Files

And more!

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