Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options

Full Course: Joe McCall – Simple Lease Options




Discover Why Lease Options Work So Well In This Crazy And Competitive Market

..And How You Can Do More Deals And Get Cash Now, Cash Flow, And Cash Later!



1. Introduction to Lease Options:

A comprehensive overview of how lease options work and how this business works, including sample deals and important tips to getting started.


2. Marketing For Sellers – Part 1:

The best marketing strategies to find the best sellers for lease option deals, in any market.


3. Marketing For Sellers – Part 2:

Even more of my top strategies to find sellers, including some ninja & creative tactics.


4. Talking to Sellers:

Exactly what to say, and what questions to ask, when you are talking to sellers.


5. Making Offers to Motivated Sellers:

I will show you how to make the right offers, and how to present winning offers to your sellers.


6. The Simple Contracts:

How to come up with the right offers, and put the right contracts together, to close deals fast.


7. Wholesaling Lease Options (Assignments):

This is my signature method of wholesaling lease options, and how to assign your contracts.


8. Advertising the House / Finding Tenant-Buyers:

Now you have the house under contract, let’s get it advertised and find the buyers.


9. Land Contracts and Subject-To’s (Alternatives):

How to use land contracts and Subject-To’s to have even more tools in your offer toolbelt.


10. Scaling, Systems, and Outsourcing:

Build the right systems, and hire the right people, so you can work less and make more.




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3. Coaching Support
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4. Review Your Offers & Partner On Deals
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5. Seller Leads
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