JT Barnett – The TikTok Masterclass: For Companies

Online course: JT Barnett – The TikTok Masterclass: For Companies


What You Get:

This Masterclass will teach you TikTok’s algorithm and how to build on it organically. It’s not a list of trends that will work today but fall flat tomorrow. These are tried and true storytelling strategies that let you leverage any future moment for maximum success. These content strategies can be used by everyone in your company–from CMOs to creators to accountants to custodians! Understand the algorithm in perpetuity, and use it to your advantage no matter where the trends go. Discover the hidden storylines and stars hiding in your own company. Give your brand a space to thrive online. It’s time you started a few trends of your own.

Designed to help teams fully understand the algorithm, tell their story, and empower their team to thrive on TikTok. It’s got everything you need:

  • 63 videos
  • 3+ hours of content
  • Lifetime access with 3 logins per company
  • How TikTok’s top brands are growing today
  • Analysis, features, best practices modules (and more!)
  • Full algorithm breakdown
  • Filming, editing, and posting tips
  • How to build community
  • Bonus: Influencers & Spark Ads
  • FREE: Content Playbook: 150+ ideas to start today
  • FREE: List of Hooks: 50+ high converting hooks
  • The For You Page (2:31)
  • Trends vs Series (5:42)
  • The Algorithm (3:06)
  • Your Niche (3:40)
  • Community Building (3:54)

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JT Barnett, The TikTok Masterclass: For Companies

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