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Introducing Knowledge Networks:

You’re getting instant access to 8 hours of workshop recordings that details EVERYTHING we did to build our knowledge network as well as the best practices others are using in theirs.  The first session we go in-depth into the business model & what makes it work. Then in the 2nd session we cover all the ways in which we’ve found to convince experts to create our courses for us. In the 3rd session we  reveal every landing page, ad, and email we used in our marketing campaigns to earn $4.8mil. We cover pricing strategies, customer support, onboarding, and more. Finally, in the last session we tell you about the tools we’ve tried, what we canceled, what we kept, and the team we hired to build our platform for us. You will complete this course with every document, process, and strategy you need to launch your own knowledge network.




Knowledge Network Business Model

Deep Dive Into How This Business Works

You’re going to love how simple it is to build a course business with the new knowledge network aka SVOD business model. No more launches, endless webinars, buying expensive equipment, or having to update your own courses. The experts do all of that work for you. Same as authors write books for publishing companies. It’s no different, this is just the modern digital version of that.




Onboarding Expert Course Creators

Discover The Outreach We Used To Reel In 30+ Experts

Obviously, the key to building a knowledge network is convincing experts to make courses for you. Good news, thats what experts are already doing. It’s not additional work for them. They are experts, content creation is their profession, you’re just showing them another way to get paid for doing what they already do.




Marketing Strategy Breakdown

Revealing Marketing Secrets of Top Knowledge Networks

This is the part everyone looks forward too. We’re going to show you exactly how we’ve added thousands of members to our knowledge network platforms. As well as how some of the biggest knowledge networks in the world do their marketing.




Pricing Strategy Breakdown

Discover What The Best Companies Are Charging

Whatever you do DO NOT use the same old pricing strategies that you used to use with traditional course sales. This is a new business model, and there are new pricing methods that have been proven. We’re talking about 100s of millions of dollars changing hands. Trust us, and just price yours the way we teach you. Seller Beware!!!




Behind The Scenes

Learn The Systems & Processes That Run The Machine

The secret to AdSkills $4.8mil success, was the systems that ran the company like a well-oiled machine. Chaunna will show you the documents, projects, and diagrams we used to keep new customers coming in and new experts filling our members area.




Revenue Share & Royalties

Guest Speaker Shares How He Earns Royalties & Rev Share

MY long time buddy, James Schramko has agreed to do a session for us talking about how he’s been on the other side of this deal. He explains how he earns royalties and rev share deals for the content that he creates. Another income stream for you!




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