Kevin King – Billion Dollar Sellers Summit 9

Full Course: Kevin King – Billion Dollar Sellers Summit 9


The Billion Dollar Seller Summit began in 2019 and has since become THE PREMIER event in the industry. It’s not just a summit or convention, it is a TOTAL EXPERIENCE.

The BDSS Virtual Event, held once per year, complements the in-person event with different speakers. It’s 100% live – no pre-recordings and we don’t use Zoom or webinar software. You’ll be immersed when you enter a special virtual conference hall and head to the main stage (or a breakout stage or networking room).

From cutting-edge strategies to unparalleled networking, you’ll propel your e-commerce business to the stars and make lifelong friends along the way. If you are serious about maximizing potential, you can’t afford to miss BDSS.


Unmatched Expertise

Kevin personally selects every speaker for his or her ability to deliver next-level actionable content. You can’t apply to speak. you have to be selected. No general theory, corporate fluff or wokeness allowed.


Exclusive Strategies

You will have homework when you leave BDDS. Your mind will be full of ideas to implement to 2, 3 or even 5X your business.


Networking Opportunities

You are a product of those you hang with. At BDSS, you will be spending quality time networking and having fun with the elite of the elite in e-commerce. Come surround yourself with greatness.


Cutting-Edge Insights

The speakers are incentivized with cash prizes ($5,000.00 to winner). So they bring their best insights and she carefully guarded secrets. This is not the same old stuff you hear on podcasts, webinars or at other events. That is prohibited at BDSS.


Proven Success Stories

There are sellers who have been to every single BDSS. It’s the highlight of their year because they know they will leave changed, inspired and connected. The level of your success over the next year directly correlates to whether you attend BDSS or not.



  • Incredible cutting-edge content exclusive to BDSS

  • Mindblowing Hack Contest among participants second day

  • No travel needed – access from anywhere in the world
  • Hack contests with $3,500.00 cash prizes

  • Speaker Q&A sessions included after each presentation
  • Wants & Needs session recordings
  • Not the same speakers as in-person event in Kauai
  • Lifetime access to exclusive Private BDSS Whatsapp Group (some days 100+ posts of members massively helping each other)


Kevin King


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