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Are you ready to start charging expert prices and get booked by dreamy clients that value your creative work?

How to Sell Brand Strategy

I’ll walk you through how to position yourself as the expert that you are so you can charge expert prices and land clients that truly value your creative thinking and design. We’ll also navigate how to turn a potential client that “just wants a logo” into an advocate for brand strategy.

– How to position yourself to make “competition” irrelevant
– Get at inside look at my exact step-by-step sales process
– Bank of scripts to use on your sales calls to lead someone that “just wants a logo” to an eager clients ready to get started with brand strategy

Hosting a Strategy Workshop

My exact break down of a 2 hour collaborative and fun strategy workshop so you know exactly what to ask and when to ask it (and why it’s important).

– How to get started with hosting live strategy workshops
– How to find the brand’s “why”
– Establishing brand attributes
– How to do competition analysis
– Developing an audience persona
– Mapping the sales journey
– Establishing brand goals and priorities

Bonus: Follow along with a real strategy session

Your Strategic Thinking

How to mine for insights and activate your strategic thinking to deliver an actionable brand strategy.

– How to turn the strategy workshop into an insightful deliverable
– How to write mission and vision statements
– Establishing brand values
– Brand positioning that sets you apart
– How to establish audience psychographics, needs & solutions, and the three beliefs you need to bust
– How to use archetypes to develop your brand strategy, messaging, and voice

– How to find your niche
– How to develop strategic content pillars
– The simple strategy test: how to know if your brand strategy will actually work

Turning Strategy Into Design

How to turn your strategic thinking visual and into a successful brand identity. Learn how to make your best work yet!

– How to use color and font psychology that make sense for the brand strategy
– Tying symbolism and strategy together
– Putting together a successful stylescape and moodboard
– How to present your brand strategy to the client that make sense and that they’ll actually use

-How to use the one concept method to successfully reduce revisions
– How to present your brand identity so that it gets approved almost instantly

4 Modules

2+ Bonus Modules

Editable InDesign Template

Brand Strategy Framework Doc

Real World Brand Strategy Example

Checklists, Worksheets, and Scripts

Community and Accountability

Sales Page in PDF (opens in a new tab)


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