Mike Rhodes – Scripts & Sheets Workshop Recordings

Full Course: Mike Rhodes – Scripts & Sheets Workshop Recordings


If you really want to master creating Google Ads Scripts & working with Google Spreadsheets, this is the course for you.

In 2023 I took two separate cohorts through a multi-week workshop where we went deep into writing scripts, using Sheets, APIs, GA4 & even some Big Query.

This is a full unedited recording of both of those cohorts. 14 recordings in total. With over 20 hours of content PLUS additional content, free scripts, resources, practice sheets & more.

The two cohorts had very similar material, just delivered a bit differently. I recently chatted to one (very happy) workshop attendee who told me he’s watched all the videos three times now – all the way through! He gets more value every time he watches them again.


So if you’d like to:

  • create fully-automated daily reports for your Google Ads (& other platforms)
  • manipulate your data in sheets with a range of formulae
  • start to learn about APIs, AI & other forms of automation
  • get free scripts, practice Sheets, additional content & more
  • free up your time, remove human-error & work much more efficiently

Then you’re going to love these videos.


Course content:

2 sections 14 lessons 18 hr 19 min


Week 1: Course outine, how we learn and your first script

Week 2: An Intro to Google Ads Scripts

Week 3: An Intro into JavaScript

Week 4: Intermediatle Sheets Formulae

Week 5: Advanced Sheets Formulae

Week 6: Big Query, GA4, APIs and Automation

Week 7: MCC Sript, Sheets Cheatsheet, More APIs

Week 8: Mental Models and the Product Matrix


Week 1: How to Learn, Overview of the Workshop, First Script

Week 2: Google Ads Scripts in more detail

Week 3: JavaScript Basic

Week 4: Intermediatle Google Sheets Formulae

Week 5: Advanced Google Sheets Formulae

Week 6: Cheatsheet, GA4, Vig Query, JSON, APIs, Automation, Mental Models

Mike Rhodes

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