Mike Sherrard – Social Agent Academy 3.0

Full Course: Mike Sherrard – Social Agent Academy 3.0





[NEW] MAGNETIC LEADS Accelerator Programs


  • Personal Branding Accelerator: Identify & Create Your Personal Brand Within 3 Days
  • 5-Day YouTube Accelerator: Create, Optimize & Launch Your Channel + Record, Optimize & Upload Your First Video in 5 days
  • 5-Day TikTok Accelerator: Create & Optimize Your TikTok Account + Record, Edit & Upload Your First TikTok in 5 Days
  • 5-Day Instagram Accelerator: Create & Optimize Your Instagram Account + Record, Edit & Upload Your First Instagram Reel in 5 Days



[NEW] NINJA LEAD GEN Paid Ads Programs


  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: High-converting ads that generate leads despite the new privacy rules and iOS updates
  • Google Ads: Generate consistent high-quality leads every month with Google PPC ads that are proven to convert
  • YouTube Ads: Leverage video ads to get in front of local buyers & sellers that are confirmed to be in the market to make a move ASAP
  • TikTok Ads: Get a massive unfair competitive advantage by being the first agent in your market to leverage TikTok Lead Ads





4 Phase Social Media Mastery Programs 

[Foundation, Preparation, Implementation & Automation]


  • YouTube Mastery: Ninja strategies for outranking #1 on YouTube and Google
  • TikTok Mastery: How to create the highest converting videos proven to get clients
  • Instagram Mastery: How to skyrocket your personal brand and remain top of mind
  • Facebook Mastery: How to attract clients for free and create an unbeatable portfolio
  • LinkedIn Mastery: How to convert leads by having an optimized profile thank ranks



Exclusive Strategies That Help You Convert Leads At Scale and Become Hyper-Productive To Win Every Day


  • Time Management & Productivity: Remove distractions and get weeks worth of work done in a single day with insane time hacks
  • Systems & Processes: Properly leverage your CRM + wizard tricks for nurturing online leads to convert into appointments and closed deals
  • Mindset of a Top Producer: Break through plateaus and 10X your business by taking control of your actions and executing like never before
  • Tools & Resources: Proven tools, apps and programs that will help you save time and increasing the quality of your content


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