Bruce Whipple – The All New Deep-Dive Boot Camp 2021

Online course: Bruce Whipple – The All New Deep-Dive Boot Camp 2021

What You Get:

Step 1


How to really believe “I’ve got this!” Learn the techniques to close your mind to negative thinking and stay focused on the outcome you want!

Step 2


It’s not the same as Mindset, but it’s equally critical to your success! You can and will learn the techniques to get and stay motivated.

Step 3

Your “Project Plan”

In this module, I’ll show you how to put together your Plan of Action – defining your goals and breaking them down into the individual steps that will allow you to achieve them quickly and efficiently.

Step 4

Picking An Industry

All of that information, motivation and mindset won’t matter if you pick the wrong industry to focus on. I’m going to show you how to evalute industries and determine the perfect one for YOU!

Step 5

Building A Board and Securing Your Professionals

I’ll show you how to hire the best even when you think you can’t! You’ll learn how to find, interview, and carefully vet each candidate so when it comes time to make your first acquisition, you have credibility and are looked at as a “player.”

Step 6

Interviewing Financial Institutions and Finding A Deal

Forget “Business Brokers” and businesses that list themselves for sale. The real secret is to learn how to find and approach the businesses that AREN’T for sale! THAT’S where the deals are, and I’ll show you how to find those! And if you don’t have ready cash? No problem. There’s never been a time where there were more sources of capital for you! I’ll show you where to find those, too!

Step 7

Negotiating and Structuring Your Deal, Your First Board Meeting and Funding Your Deals

Believe it or not, this is where the wheels come the cart for a lot of people… but not you! I’m going to share negotiating strategies you can use to get the best deal. I’ll also show you how to structure the deals so they’re most favorable to you. We’ll also discuss how to conduct your first Board meeting and how to structure funding with your financial partners.

Step 8

How To Manage Your First Deal

You’ve acquired your first business! Congratulations! Now you have to run it… and make sure you don’t run it into the ground! We’ll discuss key components of running your business.

Step 9

Going After Your Next Deal and Managing the Integration

You can’t rest on your laurels. It’s time to look for your next deal. The second one, though, is different from the first. We’ll talk about those differences, as well as how to integrate additional companies into your existing systems.


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Bruce Whipple, The All New Deep-Dive Boot Camp 2021


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