Casey Neistat – Filmmaking & Storytelling

Online course: Casey Neistat – Filmmaking & Storytelling

What You Get:

Create 2 original short films with Casey Neistat

Become a better filmmaker and storyteller in 30 days. During this one-month class, learn from filmmaker and YouTube pioneer Casey Neistat. Follow along with Casey’s creative process and finish the class with 2 shareable films of your own.

Part 1

Storytelling & Filmmaking Fundamentals

For Film #1, Casey shares his start-to-finish filmmaking process. Using just his phone, he creates an entire movie from scratch, sharing his full range of techniques along the way. You’ll follow along with Casey’s process step-by-step and create an original, story-driven film of your own.

Part 2

Cinematography & The Complete Toolkit

For Film #2, Casey dives deep into his full set of filmmaking tools and techniques as he creates a more ambitious film. In this film, he uses a wider range of gear, shooting methods, and narrative techniques to create a more cinematic movie. You’ll again follow along and create a second, larger film.

Casey’s class covers:

  • Finding Ideas & Stories
  • Cinematography & Visual Storytelling
  • Editing, Pacing & Rhythm
  • Setting the Tone with Music
  • The Three-Act Structure
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Gear
  • Vlogging & Spontaneous Filmmaking
  • Titles, Text Graphics & Overlays
  • Introducing Characters & Settings
  • Keeping Your Audience Engaged
  • Reviewing & Polishing Your Work
  • Sound Design, Effects & Editing
  • Filmmaking Tricks & Casey-isms
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Develop Your Voice as a Filmmaker

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