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Online course: Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales


What You Get:

Master The

Proven Framework

Immediately save your close rate percentage by understanding the flow that connects with most resourceful “state”.

Quickly Adapt With

Advanced Framing & Personality Techniques

Each day you will learn tools that you can quickly apply to every type of human.

Final Result

Triple or More Your Conversions

Level up by learning this exponential sales process that positions you as a leader and authority which commands and demands respect while connecting deeply with your audience.

This Class Is For Those

Who Want To Understand Human Behavior

Beginner or advanced, this class will level you up. If you’re trying to have your first 10k month, day, or even 8 figures in an hour like Eli has, this is for you.

  • Build a Superior Interior: How to use Interiority to have a stronger frame that has prospects instantly respect you.
  • Access: ​Access the core emotional drivers of everyone you seek to influence
  • ​​Dismantle the belief structures that create buying resistance in your prospects
  • ​​Learn the power of language and how to use stories as a tool of influence
  • ​​Discover how to use “Shifting identities” in your business to show up as a powerful leader and influencer
  • ​​Values/needs elicitation, and how to present your er in your prospects language
  • ​​A breakdown of 16 NLP Frames and how to use them to create a buyer for your er
  • ​​How to prevent and handle the most common objections in sales
  • ​​​Uncover the hidden desires of your prospect
  • ​​Advanced NLP language techniques including frames, sleight of mouth, tonality and postures

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