Jason Meunier – eBay Wholesale Dropshipping

Online course: Jason Meunier – eBay Wholesale Dropshipping

What You Get:


Onboarding and Introduction

Before the course starts, Jason Meunier explains what to expect from the training, where to gain access to the private Facebook group, and some good common practices to help you get the most out of the course.

Unit 1

eBay Wholesale Dropshipping

In the first unit of the course, Jason gives a brief overview of eBay Wholesale Dropshipping as well as the advantages of the business model. Additionally, you will learn how to quickly open and configure your eBay Dropshipping store while avoiding costly mistakes. During this setup phase, Jason also demonstrates how to form a legitimate business, acquire an EIN, and fill out resale certificates.

Unit 2

Securing Wholesale Contracts

In unit 2, Jason dives deep into the top 4 most effective methods he uses to find and legitimize US based wholesale suppliers. Along the way, Jason let’s you in on his personal list of 20 highly curated suppliers, which you can use for sourcing items immediately. He also demonstrates how to properly inquire with suppliers, techniques to increase your chances of becoming an authorized reseller, filling out wholesale contracts, and understanding sales tax obligations.

Unit 3

Strategically Listing Items

In this part of the course, Jason reveals how to consistently find hot selling products, properly calculate profit margin, and ensure that your items stock levels and prices are updated with real-time supplier data.

Unit 4

Store Processes & Order Management

In this unit, Jason demonstrates how to operate the day-to-day processes of an eBay Dropshipping store. Each lesson is covered in-depth including: processing orders, uploading tracking numbers, handling customer returns, listing optimization, achieving top seller metrics, and overall business organization.

Unit 5

Advanced Methods for Increased Growth

In the final unit of the course, Jason ties everything together with advanced Dropshipping strategies. The growth tools discussed will enable you to achieve higher profit margins through techniques such as tax exemption, cash back, expedited shipping, and added-value listings.


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