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Online course: Mark Queppet – Reforged Man

A Hardcore Problem Demands a Hardcore Solution

The Reforged Man course is one of the most advanced self-development programs ever made


Break free from the constant cycle of relapse and kick porn (along with any other inauthentic sexual behaviors) out of your life for good


Learn how to overcome limiting feelings, thoughts, and circumstances so you can consistently make good decisions and show up as your most authentic self


Use the challenge of quitting porn as a crucible to build tremendous self-knowledge and inner strength. Then use that power to go and pursue your highest desires.


The 3 Keys to your Transformation

1. Optimize Your Lifestyle

People are hooked on porn because some aspect of the way they are living causes them to lean on porn as a crutch. In order to kick porn then, you will need to make some lifestyle & habit changes.

Half of these changes are temporary shifts designed to help remove porn from your life. The other half of the changes need to be focused on engaging with life in a productive and fulfilling way so that you don’t constantly want to escape with porn.

The trick then is combining these changes in a sustainable and realistic way that doesn’t deplete your willpower or overwhelm you.

2. Own Your Truth

When you go against your better judgment and act out with porn, it happens because either consciously or unconsciously you gave yourself permission to. This permission is rooted in a series of rationalizations and/or self-deceptions.

You need to identify and dismantle your rationalizations and learn how to hold up the truth against these notions when they come up.

Some of these truths are simple & obvious things, but some truths go right to the core of your most central beliefs about your worth and identity. This course will walk you through all of this so that you know how to keep your decision making grounded in your highest truths.

3. Center Your Energy

You won’t be able to follow through with your good habits or truthful self-talk if your emotional energies get too out of whack. If your consciousness gets overtaken by irrational feelings then all your higher truths and well-laid plans will go out the window.

To fix this, you must develop the skillset of energetic centering. You need to learn how to consistently center your thoughts and emotions to a stable baseline state so that you can think clearly and act well.

The Reforged Man course will teach you how to build this internal control step by step with a series of simple exercises and practices.

What You Get:

Module 1: Centering 1 – Grounding
Module 2: Getting Bought In
Module 3: Centering 2 – Sharpening
Module 4: Habit Replacement & Willpower Optimization
Module 5: Centering 3 – Negation
Module 6: Self-Tank & Value Systems
Module 7: Centering 4 – Affirmation
Module 8: Transmutation & The CUT Method
Module 9: Presence & Evolution

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Mark Queppet, Reforged Man


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