Tanner Larsson – BGS Live 2022

Online course: Tanner Larsson – BGS Live 2022

BGS LIVE is the World’s #1 Revenue Optimization Hands-On Workshop! Over 2 days, you’ll discover data-driven insights on how to rapidly increase revenue and profit across your entire ecommerce business!

What You Get:

Actionable Content

Have you ever left an event with a notepad pages FULL of notes that never get any action? We hate that too. That’s why we’ve designed our content as ACTIONABLE steps, so you can implement in the breaks and make money while you’re at the event! (You’re welcome.)

$1MM Data-Driven Insights

Imagine getting your hands on “what’s working now” from over $1 million (PER MONTH) of Facebook adspend? You’ll be privy to this world-beating masterclass on how to make your store profitable from real-time, DATA-DRIVEN results … and not from costly guesswork! We only teach what we’ve done!

Hot seats & Case studies

Motion beats meditation! And demonstration beats information. We don’t believe in drowning attendees with information-overload. Instead, we’re going to demonstrate our proven strategies through case studies, LIVE “Hot Seats” and interviews! We don’t just teach … we SHOW!

Networking & Joint Ventures

Ask any seasoned entrepreneur and they’ll often say they make MORE money outside of a seminar room (on the breaks), through strategic relationships and connections. You’ll be sharing meals and socializing with folk who are in the top 2% of successful Shopify store owners worldwide!

The Best (and worst) Apps

When you attend, we have two goals for you: 1) To help you MAKE more revenue; 2) To help you KEEP more revenue. Come and learn what apps we’re using (and why) across our 20+ Multi-Million dollar stores … and the “popular” apps we avoid like the plague, and why!

Behind the Curtain of BGS

Look under the hood and see critical parts of our BGS operations. See how we manage to consistently GROW and SCALE over 20+ Multi-Million dollar Shopify stores. Meet our top Revenue Optimization team players who contribute to hundreds of millions of dollars in Shopify sales!

Traffic, Conversions & More

We know you want it … Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! And YES, we’ve got you covered! Come and learn the latest, bleeding-edge trends, wins, and opportunities when it comes to driving QUALITY traffic. And no, it’s not just Facebook. Expect to walk away with excitable (and actionable) insights on how to increase traffic!

7 & 8-Figure Award Winners

As well as world-class education, you’ll also be marinated with INSPIRATION! If you’ve ever felt like “you’re not good enough” or “you don’t have what it takes” … All those lies will be annihilated when you hear the heartfelt stories of our NEW Ecom Insider 7 & 8-Figure Ecom Award Winners, recognized on stage!

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