Tom Critchlow – SEO MBA Executive Presence

What You Get:

Week 1

Good SEO Strategy

Learn how to create an effective SEO strategy that’s more than just a list of things you want to get done. Learn how to create compelling strategies that are credible and aligned with stakeholders.

Week 2

The Value of SEO

Learn how to connect SEO to business value and revenue, including hard to measure projects like link building. Deepen your appreciation for business models and how they dictate what gets funded.

Week 3

Investment Models

Learn how to create a financial investment plan and business model for large initiatives. Understand how to manage stakeholders to get buy-in and get key information to create compelling financial models.

Week 4

Effective Business Presentations

Learn how to structure clear communication, from writing emails to full strategy presentations. Get comfortable at managing upwards and put together a strategy presentation the same way McKinsey does.

Week 5

Getting Things Done

Learn how to find alignment with other teams, manage resource asks and navigate organizational politics. Improve your communication with senior stakeholders and find out why pre-agreeing is essential to getting buy-in and budget.

Each week contains videos, resources and homework assignments


Essential Templates

Three SEO investment model spreadsheets and a full SEO strategy presentation template.

3 Practice Scenarios

Full simulated examples with problems and answers to apply the knowledge from the course. Brain teasers to test your skills or prepare for an interview.
Sales Page in PDF (opens in a new tab)



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