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Online course: Ramit Sethi – The Rich Life System


What You Get:

Here’s what your life will look like once YOUR Rich Life System is up and running:

  • All of your saving, investments, and bills will be automated.
  • You’ll know exactly where your money is going. (Hint: It’ll be going exactly where you want it to.)
  • You’ll know how much you can spend each month, 100% guilt-free. (Also how to ramp that “guilt-free number” up.)
  • You’ll know how and when all your loans will be paid .
  • How much you spend on your favorite things will go up. (And how much you waste on stuff you don’t care about will drop.)
  • You’ll have a mouth-watering, crystal clear vision of YOUR Rich Life. And better yet, detailed plans and clear line-of-sight on how you can achieve it.
  • You’ll be living your Rich Life TODAY — not waiting for someday.
  • You’ll know how to adjust your system as your needs and wants change, so you’re always in control.
  • Money will be a source of JOY in your life, not stress.

Best of all, you can have all of this with just 1 hour a month. (Some of my students spend as little as 15 minutes a month.)

Plus, there are no crazy spreadsheets. No advanced math. No risky investments. And no guilt.

Just a simple system for taking control of your money and building your Rich Life.

The Rich Life System works

It works…

…even if you don’t know anything about money or investing

… even if you have no idea where to start

… even if you don’t make “a lot of money”

… even if this is your 12th time trying to get your money in order

… even if you’re single, in a relationship, with kids, without kids, just starting out, or well on your way.

I’ve tested this system with MILLIONS of people — yes, MILLIONS — so I know it works.

This program shows you exactly how to set up, customize, and run your own “Rich Life System.”

And unlike most personal finance programs — which focus on financial minutiae and never even think about actually enjoying your money or your life — The Rich Life System begins and ends with YOUR Rich Life.

Your vision.

And EVERYTHING you need to know is included.

Each Playbook in the program is a complete, clear, step-by-step guide with all of the detail, exercises, psychology, and tactics you need to build a key piece of your Rich Life System.

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