Ryan Serhant – Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course

Online course: Ryan Serhant – Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course



Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside The Course

Part 1: The CODO Method

  • Master Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method — the first time he’s pulling back the curtain on how he closes so many deals
  • Understand the types, styles, and tactics of negotiation you’ll customize to WIN in any situation
  • ​Discover the key factors influencing any DEAL and your CODO method moves to counter them
  • ​​Eliminate the #1 deal killer: Hesitancy

Part 2: The Playbook

  • Conquer emotions and FEAR to use it to your advantage in any situation
  • ​Discover The Funnel Technique to narrow into the exact drivers that will get your client to ultimately say YES
  • ​Learn to play all sides of the court and manage expectations with Ryan’s secret weapon, Jen Alese
  • ​Learn the key improv skills that will get you comfortable with being uncomfortable

Part 3: Putting It All Together

  • Body language matters: Follow these six strategies to demonstrate power in any negotiation
  • ​Join Ryan and Myka Meier to learn some key power plays to help you shift the dynamic in your favor
  • ​Watch a REAL negotiation in progress, and see how Ryan uses CODO strategies to find the sweet spot
  • Follow in real time as Ryan critiques SERHANT. agents Talia and Savannah as they navigate a REAL negotiation


Your Secret Weapon

The Closing & Negotiation Workbook

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Ryan Serhant, Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiations Course

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