Scott DeLong – The Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook

Full Course: Scott DeLong – The Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook

What’s Inside The Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook?


Here’s a fraction of what you’ll find inside:


✅ UNLIMITED CONTENT (Really) by fairly using others content

✅ How to create newsletter content blazingly fast

✅ 5 questions to stupid simple Facebook ads that work like crazy

✅ The exact template of Scott’s 6 successful newsletters

✅ Track your numbers with this handy spreadsheet

✅ What to do if you already have a niche site

✅ Breakdown of 7 websites and how to tack on a newsletter to them

✅ Breakdown of 2 Stupid simple ads that made millions

✅ 100 subject lines that work like crazy

✅ 2 words that drive subscribers to your newsletter

✅ The exact calculator Scott used for his newsletters

✅ What not to do in your welcome email

✅ Selling your newsletters for the maximum amount

✅How to write a welcome email that will make them stick around

✅ REVEALED: REAL numbers from a new newsletter

✅ Psychological tricks to that reduces unsubscribes from the get-go


✅7 straightforward steps to million dollar newsletters

✅ Exactly what makes a successful newsletter

✅ 4 questions that determines your newsletter success

✅ How to tack on a newsletter to an existing niche site

✅ Million dollar sign up forms

✅ $500,000 Facebook ad tip

✅ 8 Golden rules of naming your newsletters

✅ What’s the best countries to target for high RPM

✅ The single place you want your ads to appear on

✅ Tried and true ad layouts for the most RPMs

✅ Stop wasting your money on like campaigns, do this instead

✅ 6 Prompts for rapid fire content that keeps subscribers

✅ The one emoji that make ads work like gangbusters


So simple, it should be illegal

Scott’s Million Dollar Newsletter Formula is stupid simple. Easy for anyone to say we didn’t spend 14 years cracking the newsletter code OR spent 1.5 million in Facebook ads to figure out what works. He broke down all the complexity, removed any alternatives and just gives you exactly what has worked 6 separate times. And it still works, I used his structure to add an extra $5,000 to my niche site and I’m just getting started.


A.I. prompts, Tools & Checklists for everything

The playbook tells you exactly what to do. And to make things easier, I’ve paid hundreds of dollars of my own money for templates to be made, and Scott compiled the prompts he actually uses for his newsletters, his winning subject lines, his calculators & more. What you have is a toolkit that makes everything even easier.


Not just a course, a PLAYBOOK

The Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook is made for action takers. Watch a video, do it. In fact, you are probably only one week away from having the foundations of a million dollar newsletter.

So this is not about spending hours and hours pontificating philosophy and theory, why things work. Nopes. This is likely the most straightforward course you’ll find on the subject. It’s just all about what works on a silver platter.


Scott DeLong

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