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Online course: SEO Blueprint 2


What You Get:

7+1 Blueprints. 175 Step-by-Step Lessons

If you need it, we’ve covered it in style. With real-world examples to boot.

On-Site Blueprint

Often the quickest way to improve rankings, you’ll learn cutting-edge angles.

Link Building Blueprint

Get whitehat link building strategies that have never been shared elsewhere online.

Keyword Blueprint

Highly search volume, low-competition keywords are right here (and no longer a myth).

Content Blueprint

Learn exactly how to write what Google wants to rank, and other webmasters want to link to.

Local SEO Blueprint

Two highly successful local SEO’s (one from a WeWork-acquired company) share all they know.

Experts Blueprint

Outside experts share their best link building, site speed and website acquisition secrets.

Audits Blueprint

Watch me audit more than 20 websites in different niches on video and find real-world issues.


The playbook on how to beat Digital Goliaths in Google, launching for the first time with SEO Blueprint 2.

A Brand New Concept for SEO Blueprint 2: Superpixels

Superpixels is a brand new concept with a simple mission: To give you the playbook to beat Digital Goliaths in Google.

The truth is that the biggest brands on the web have more money than ever to spend on:

  • Acquiring well-ranking competitors
  • Building new sites and linking out from others they own
  • Getting a ton of press (and links) for anything they announce
  • Building huge in-house SEO teams
  • Ranking multiple sites for the same keyphrases
  • Hiring amazing writers to produce 10X, link-worthy content

And they can do all of these things and more while staying wildly profitable, because they already have the rankings to afford such expenditures.

SEO Blueprint version one did exactly what we hoped in teaching people about new link building, keyword research and on-site technical ideas we don’t believe you’ll find elsewhere.

That said, something was missing.

If we’re being honest, a huge percentage of sites we audit are doing great technically, have chosen the right keywords to target and follow proven business models…yet they’re still not successful.

Our brand new Superpixels concept in SEO Blueprint 2 – literally going live for the first time in October of 2021 – focuses on everything else we believe those sites are missing to stand out online and truly compete with well-funded competitors.

Superpixels comprises of more than a dozen exclusive, actionable modules based on real world insights to help digital underdogs stand a real chance against digital goliaths in Google.

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UPDATE 11/15/2022

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