1. How can I pay?

You can pay with Credit/debit card or CryptoCurrency (BTC, LTC, USDT).

Just add the product to the cart and follow the checkout.

When using crypto you have to send the exact amount of the order (meaning system has to receive the exact amount, so sometimes you have to add your fees to the amount). Then the order will be automatically processed. 

2. Discounts?

Possible discounts on the site:

Option 1:

Be a member. If you have active membership, you will get 5% (monthly) or 10% (lifetime) discount on all products for sale. Prices are lowered automatically after you logging in. Check Membership Plans here.

Option 2:

Loyalty Points. Each purchase will give you points based on the amount spend. These points can be redeemed for $$$ during your next checkout. Table of points is here or below.

Option 3:

Spend more than $200 and you will get 20% off automatically. After adding the product to the cart, you will see the bar with your progress at the bottom of the page.

Option 4:

40% on your next purchase.

Leave positive review here. Then fill this easy form, I will send you a discount coupon (a few days after publishing the review – need to be sure it will stay there) to your email or you can use chat on the site to contact me.

3. Is the payment for membership recurring?

No, we do not use recurring billing at all. You pay only if you want to.

4. What about refunds?

We do not have any refund policy, you are here for a reason, so you know what to do. Just download the courses!

Of course, same link, there will be a new folder called “UPDATE”, which contains only new files.

You will receive an email about new updates.

There are 3 options you can see on the site:

  2. BOX
  3. MEGA


Use any possible torrent client out there, even the web version. I can recommend WebTorrent. It is nice, easy, free and light.

Just download small file from our link and add it to the client and start with downloading.


2. BOX

You can use it for watching and downloading. 3rd party service.



You can use it for watching and downloading. 3rd party service.

Used for very old files.

Watch the video below (for those who have their own account):


I have to process each order manually. It usually takes few hours max.