Cold Email Wizard – Cold Email Mastery

Online course: Cold Email Wizard – Cold Email Mastery

Here’s a peak of what you get inside CEM:

✔️ Video – Introduction

✔️ Book – Cold Email Mastery

✔️ Video – Domains

✔️ Video – DNS Records

✔️ Video – Warming up & Custom Tracking Domains

✔️ Video – Writing scripts

✔️ Video – Video Outreach

✔️ Video – Creating ers

✔️ Video – Writing personalized lines & hiring it out

✔️ Video – Good personalization examples

✔️ Video – Bad Personalization examples

✔️ Video – Scraping ecommerce stores

✔️ Video – Scraping enterprise contacts

✔️ Video – Scraping LinkedIn

✔️ Video – Scraping B2B databases

✔️ Video – Scraping Course sellers

✔️ Video – Finding owner contact info

✔️ Video – Automated sending

✔️ Video – Optimizing campaigns

✔️ Video – Astronomically increasing reply rates

✔️ Video – Cleaning Emails

✔️ Video – Google Sheet Systems

✔️ Video – Zapier Automations

✔️ Video – James Watson, $1 million+ in sales from LinkedIn teaches personalized images

✔️ Video – Devesh, $20k/mo agency owner teaches frameworks

✔️ Video – Increasing call show up rates

✔️ Video – Additional strategies

✔️ Video – $80k/mo Contract Case Study

Plus, Four Exclusive Bonus Modules:

Bonus #1: Learn sales tactics to sign more of your leads.

This section was added after seeing a lot of people getting leads but struggling to close those leads on sales calls. While you might sometimes be able to sign clients without calls – all large deals will eventually require phone calls, and that’s why you need to be sharp as a knife when it comes to over the phone sales.

Bonus #2: Software Discounts

I both own some software apps and harassed the CEO’s of other software apps to get you discount codes to anything you might need to use.

Bonus #3: Customer service that actually replies.

I spend at least 4 hours per day answering questions. Reply back to one of my emails with a question and I’ll answer it. I will also respond on Twitter if you start the message with your purchase email.

Bonus #4: $80k/mo Case Study.

One of my students signed an $80k/mo contract with a brand worth over a $1 billion. His entire 41 email chain with the brand is inside the course.

Sales Page in PDF (opens in a new tab)


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