Matt Bockenstette – Legendary Sales Letters Vault

Online course: Matt Bockenstette – Legendary Sales Letters Vault

Will These Legendary Sales Letters Help

You Become A Better Copywriter?

Legendary sales letters like:

The sales letter that generated 7,300,000+ total customers per day and was mailed (#40)…

(This may be the highest “profit-per-word” sales letter ever written.)

The sales letter that ran from 1974-2003 and generated $1 Billion in sales (#51)…

(You’ll discover why this is the most “swiped” sales letter of all-time.)

The sales letter that achieved a 100% response rate from every reader who received it (#5)…

(You’ll discover powerful and persuasive “appeals” to tap into your reader’s empathy.)

The sales letter that launched one of the most successful magazines of all time (#14)…

(You’ll discover one of the most brilliant and remembered sales letter questions ever asked.)

The sales letter that sold out all 50 seats ($10,000 apiece) for an around-the-world expedition (#44)…

(You’ll discover the most bizarre “hook” you can use to sell your ers.)

The sales letter “control” (highest-performing version) that lasted for 35+ years (#34)…

(Imagine what it would feel like to run a profitable sales letter for even 3.5 years.)

The sales letter that sold $110,000,000 worth of products with just a single mailing to two lists (#37)…

(You’ll discover the most powerful “triggers” to get your reader to take the next sales-advancing action.)

What You Get:

109 legendary sales letters assembled by…Dozens of immortal ink-slingers, including:

  • David Ogilvy
  • Gary Halbert
  • Eugene Schwartz
  • Claude Hopkins
  • Bruce Barton
  • Gary Bencivenga
  • Bob Bly
  • Clayton Makepeace
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Jay Abraham
  • Bill Jayme
  • John Yeck
  • Bob Stone
  • Scott Haines
  • Jim Punkre
  • Mel Martin
  • Ted Nicholas
  • Josh Manheimer

The “Pitch”

If you’re interested in owning them for life…

Below, you can access the complete master…

Legendary Sales Letters Vault” collection.

And here’s the best part…

Along with these 109 complete sales letters…

You’ll ALSO receive free lifetime updates for

Every additional “volume” added to the vault.

Truth be told…

The complete “Legendary Sales Letters Vault”

Will help you to BECOME a better copywriter.

And inside, you’ll discover 109 variations of “winning”…

Sales messages, big ideas, appeals, and letter structures…

That generated billions of dollars in total sales – by mail.

Here’s what that means (and why it matters to you)…

The strategies you learn inside these 109 sales letters…

Can be applied to every type of sales copy you write…

Including your sales letters… ads… and emails.

Even if you read just one of these letters per day…

In 109 days, you’d have a master’s level education…

In one of the most critical of all copywriting skills.

(Just imagine if you read just 2, 3, 4, or 5 per day…)

This wisdom gives you a significant advantage.

Not only in becoming a better copywriter, but…

Also against your competing copywriters who’ve…

Never read – or studied – these lost masterpieces.


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